Monday, October 8, 2012

down buy that fence is where i crashed full speed on my bike into a parked RV. it never used to be there. i guess roads change. should have paid attention.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the routes of man 17-117

in Forest Primeval to Park Avenue, i believe his main idea is that a road that leads to something we feel is good could have bad consciences. He could show this by showing the cause and effect of cutting down all of the trees for their mahogany. as the trees are cut down their economy grows, but the supply and ecosystem suffers.
In road or not a road. his main point is that a road may not be a road as how we have traditional come to know them; a form of transportation. it could be a symbol of something much greater than its self. he could show this by describing the different roads he has come across and the different meaning they had, such as the one left by the ancient Mayans.

in slipping from Shanghai-la, his point is that we need to take the roads presented to us before its to late and they close up on us, they may not be available for along time if ever again. he could explain this by describing the situation of the Zanskar. the road to where they live is open only five months out of a year. the rest of the time it is blocked by snow

in road ecology, his main idea is that while one road that takes us from A to B, it can make something else more difficult. we should choose our paths wisely as to not ruin any other paths we have to take. he could do this by comparing people driving on the road from A to B, while an animal is simply try to get to the other side and having to avoiding getting hit by the cars as they drive aimlessly.